Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide quality cleaning and total FM services whilst remaining cost effective, and to continue to invest in our staff and systems whilst being highly innovative.

Our vision is to build upon our success to date, strengthening as a national provider of total FM services. We aim to achieve this by continuing to invest in quality management, proper supervision, award winning training programs and inspirational leadership.

We reward our staff with quality-linked bonuses for their hard work and at the same time ensure sub-standard works are addressed through performance management.  This ensures maximum benefit for our customers and employees alike.

Further, our hi-tech systems and customer login not only makes sure that we are proactive and can respond quickly but also allows our customers to see what is being done to support the standards achieved at their sites.

Lara Nichols will continue to work closely with suppliers to ensure that technological advances are embraced without detriment to customer value or the environment.  Our loyal and ethical approach will ensure continuity and strong relationships throughout the supply chain, and guarantee that the value of our employees is recognised and utilised to the full.

The growth strategy of the company will remain in line with, and will be realised through, our determination to maintain the very highest quality of service with value for money to our customers.

This in turn will place Lara Nichols in a highly influential national position, with complete control of the services being provided.

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