This is an update to our post on 28 February.

Please contact the NHS helpline on 111 for advice if you are concerned about any symptoms.

If you are advised to self-isolate, as of today’s law, you will not be paid. However, it may be that you will pose a risk to colleagues, people who work at your sites and others around you. We would encourage you to follow the Health advice, as this is most important. However, unless the government change the law or provide subsidies to companies, we are sorry to say it is not possible for Lara Nichols to fund such absences.

Sickness pay is currently only available to people diagnosed with COVID-19, but once this is diagnosed payment will be from Day 1.

Whilst there is conflicting advice regarding face masks our advice to all individuals would be to wear N95 masks where possible. Again, however, the company cannot supply these without government support.

We have written to our customers to ask them if they wish to opt in or out of extra services for help to prevent infection. When a site opts in, we will make provision for some extra time at site and for some specific duties to be added to the Duty schedule. These will not increase any risk to yourselves. Extra time will then be paid for.

Please do not accept any requests from clients to change your duties or use of chemicals. Such advice is for your own safety and to prevent clients from passing their financial responsibilities to Lara Nichols.

Please keep up to date with government advice re washing of hands, using disposable tissues, etc and implement such advice.

Because our managers are visiting many sites and meeting many people in different geo-graphics, we are trying to reduce site visits during this time.

Your managers are available on the phone at any time, please understand such actions are for the safety of all our staff.

For current health advice please visit

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