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Environment Policy

The environment and sustainability is at the forefront of what we do

Lara Nichols recognises its responsibility to care for and improve the environment. The Company is committed to take an active interest in environmental issues and in working to achieve best practices wherever possible as part of our overall business strategy.


To conserve energy and other natural resource – e.g. office electronic equipment will be turned off whenever it is not in use. To minimise waste and effluent from our operations and recycle wherever possible. To maintain company vehicles in good order such that they emit minimum emissions.


To use renewable energy resources wherever possible in our work.


To work with our suppliers to use minimum levels of packaging and to use recyclable materials wherever possible. Recycle office and on-the-job waste wherever possible. Our high concentration cleaning chemicals allows us to save on packing and re-use our application bottles. We are also massively lowering the impact on the environment through reduced shipping/transportation needs. To supply products that are or can be recycled, and to promote recycling procedures.


To use materials that have no detrimental effect on the environment with special consideration for our rivers, waterways, wildlife and the atmosphere. To use materials that does not require a COSHH classification wherever possible. All our cleaning products and materials are locally sourced wherever possible.

Emergency Procedures

To always adopt correct handling and storage procedures to minimise the risk of accidental release of any environmentally hazardous material. In the event of accidental discharge into the watercourse the Environmental Agency or other appropriate regulatory body must be alerted immediately.

Additionally, we promote the fact that some of the work we do, e.g. carpet cleaning, prolongs the usable life of the carpet and thus reduces landfill as the carpet does not need to be thrown away.

Lara Nichols will provide appropriate training and resources as necessary to make employees aware of this policy and help them to carry out their part on a day to day basis. On a management level, we intend to continually improve the policy wherever possible and regularly assess whether the measures we have put in place are effective.

Lara Nichols will do our utmost to deal only with other like-minded companies and suppliers.