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Sector Specific Cleaning Systems

We understand that the cleaning needs of different manufacturing sectors and factories vary, so we ensure that our specialist commercial cleaning techniques are adaptable too. 

By looking at every factory or manufacturing facility individually, we can devise and apply appropriate commercial cleaning procedures to each. Then fit the right, fully trained factory cleaners to the task in hand, whether that means cleaning within a high-ceilinged factory floor area, an administrative area, or both.

We take the time to understand how best to commercially clean specific manufacturing areas, so you can rely on us to get your cleaning service absolutely right. Intermittently, we can also perform deep, industrial level cleaning services using specialist machinery during factory or facility ‘shut down’ periods.

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“Manufacturers need to be selective when choosing their commercial cleaning contractors, as they need factory cleaners who understand health and safety procedures on the factory floor. We know how important health and safety is, and how sector specific it can be.  The emphasis we place on training our staff is very apparent, and further improves our cleaning team’s ability.” 

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Office Cleaning

A clean office is a more productive office. Poorly maintained and badly cleaned premises often attribute to low morale and frustration amongst staff.

Our daily office cleaning services (which is tailored to your individual requirements) commonly includes:

Desk cleaning / Refuse removal / Bathroom cleaning / Kitchen cleaning / 

Consumable replenishment / Window cleaning

The right cleaning solutions for every sort of company and every type of building. Our office cleaning teams have the experience to thoroughly clean any type of office building, outside and in. From period office properties, to state-of-the-art business centres, we can adapt our commercial cleaning techniques, materials and equipment to ensure each type of office building is comprehensively cleaned. Uniformed and fully identifiable, our commercial cleaners can work in the mornings or evenings and clean according to your company’s office procedures, as well as be relied upon as key holders and alarm-system operators. Cleaning staff from Lara Nichols are dependable and skilled and can be counted upon as part of the company’s team. “We strive to provide the highest standard of commercial cleaning and want our customers to feel their buildings and offices are always noticeably clean and fresh.  Increasingly customers who use our office cleaning teams are requesting further cleaning services from us, enabling them to benefit from a fully integrated and very effective ‘Lara Nichols’ cleaning package.”

Industrial Cleaning

We are one of the UK’s leading factory cleaning companies offering a wide range of services from the degreasing of machinery to high level cleans of ductwork, windows and walls. 

Factories are exposed to dust, grease, grime, and other contaminants that build up over time. The costs of losing expensive machinery due to dirt and contaminants are offset by investing in a relatively inexpensive and high-quality factory cleaning service. To help you maintain the high standards of factories and industrial sites we provide thorough industrial cleaning services with one-off and regular contract options.

Our services cover emergency visits and scheduled cleaning of factories for both high level and surface-level cleans. Whatever sector you are in, our team of experts will find a solution suitable for your company.

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Education Government

Daily School Cleaning

DBS  – All operatives, including cover cleaners, working in schools are fully Enhanced DBS checked.

We can arrange specific cleaning schedules to suit the individual needs of each school.

All health and safety will be properly assessed to give you peace of mind that all bases are covered, all of the time.

Effectively maintaining the cleanliness of schools and colleges nationwide

We can deliver the right team to excel at school cleaning, or college cleaning, as we are experts at performing within educational institutions of all sizes. Our cleaning specialists can offer daily cleaning services during term time, as well as more industrial, deep cleaning programmes during holiday periods. We’re flexible and accommodating, and can work around your school or college’s timetable, as well as with your grounds department, to ensure that we get your building’s cleaning format absolutely right. Whether we’re cleaning educational buildings or leisure facilities, we can tailor the most effective cleaning package to deliver truly impressive results.

“Some of the education facilities we clean have over 1000 people working within them every day, so it’s vital that we perform thorough cleaning procedures to keep buildings, staff and students healthy and comfortable.  Our cleaning methods, combined with the technologically advanced equipment that we use, help to maintain buildings outside and in, and create more pleasant environments for staff and students to work.” 

Medical & Healthcare

We have extensive experience of working with a variety of healthcare establishments including cosmetic and medical centres, clinics, hospitals, doctor surgeries, dental surgeries and rehabilitation units.

We understand the importance of providing a safe and reliable service to our healthcare clients and we offer a range of specialist healthcare cleaning services which meet and exceed the standards set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 

Thorough and proper daily cleaning to medical premises is essential to maintain strict hygiene standards and avoid cross-contamination. Our staff are trained to use colour-coded equipment and materials as well as the correct storage and disposal of used materials. We are constantly researching the latest in cleaning technology and newly developed chemicals and cleaning systems so that we can offer the best possible service to our healthcare clients.

We provide ATP testing to ensure our standards are high & consistent.

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Lara Nichols are trusted suppliers of a range of cleaning services to a number of property management companies, property managers and facilities managers across the UK. We service care homes, assisted living blocks, student accommodation blocks, social housing and private apartment blocks.

Shared facilities can host a number of contagious viral and bacterial diseases and infections. Good housekeeping is essential to maintaining a clean environment for residents, staff and visitors. Hand rails, door push plates and handles, intercoms, buzzers, switches, lift and exit buttons are all high traffic zones that require daily sanitising cleans, as are shared washrooms, kitchens and living areas areas. Our communal area cleaning service ensures lobbies, stairwells and corridors are sparkling clean.

Did you know that we specialise in a number of periodic cleans for property managers?
From kitchen deep cleans and kitchen extraction ducting cleans, carpet and upholstery cleaning, window, cladding and fascia cleans, escalator deep cleans
and summer check-out cleans to student blocks.

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